workstationsEmpire Systems has partnered with Dell to bring powerful and reliable machines to our clients, at cost-effective prices.  ESI deploys Dell OptiPlex systems to all but the most demanding of users and applications.  The Dell OptiPlex line is hands down the “Best bang for your buck” when it comes to empowering your average users with the tools needed to accomplish their duties.  Have some power users or applications?  ESI will deploy Dell Precision systems when and where they are needed (or wanted – if the client chooses).  The Dell OptiPlex will run all of your office and Line of Business applications without issue, while the Dell Precision is the system of choice for our clients working with CAD/CAM, graphics, video, audio, and simulation software.  Whatever your business’s requirement might be, ESI and Dell can find a solution to fill that need.  Contact us today, and see how an ESI workstation solution with Dell hardware can increase productivity and minimize expense for your company.