Empire Systems prides itself on delivering quality technology solutions and services to clients in the Small to Medium Enterprise market.  To that extent, we have always referred our clients to hardware vendors that could supply them with the equipment necessary to implement our solutions.  However, over the years we have found that if we consolidate the purchases of all our clients, we can secure better pricing and extend that savings to them.  It can be difficult to get a decent discount for a client, when you’re only ordering a single server and 3 or 4 workstations every few years.  The other issue we’ve run into, is one we’re all familiar with – “If you want something done right…”.  Finding solutions that can deliver the desired functionality, while still being cost-effective for the SME client, can be challenging at times.  With that in mind, ESI began offering a few specialized products designed to meet the “Big Company” needs of our client base, without the “Big Company” pricing.

ESI Firewall Appliance


The Internet is becoming more and more hostile everyday.  Sites you visit and conduct business with regularly can unknowingly become infected with viruses, spy-ware, and mal-ware.  Elaborate phishing scams can make their way into your e-mail, and be just as convincing as regular correspondence.  Empire Systems looked long and hard to find a solution that would provide Internet content filtering and auditing, while still being able to allow secure, remote access to users that require it.  Our Firewall Appliance delivers the features and performance you’d get with equipment costing 4 times as much and more, but using a fraction of the space and power.  Easy to setup & install, easy to configure and manage, and easy on your wallet – the ESI Firewall appliance is the perfect edge device for the small to medium enterprise.  Contact us today, and we’ll perform a free evaluation to determine how best to protect your network – inside and out.

ESI Network Storage Appliance

nasMost everybody has realized that data adds up fast.  Whether you’re dealing with photos and music at home, or years worth of archives at work, coming up with the disk space to store it all becomes an issue for everybody at some point.  ESI developed this solution to provide our clients with the enterprise class space required for data retention, without the enterprise class cost.  This device is built to order and tailored for the client’s specific needs.  Please see our Network Storage page for more information.