printerPrinters can be a touchy subject with a lot of users.  It seems as if everybody can relate a tale of horror when it comes to a specific brand or model.  And as that user is tearing brand A to shreds, there is always another user extolling brand A’s reliability and customer service.  While we can support any existing printers a client may have, when it comes time to replace them (or when performing an installation at a new site), we’ve come to rely on our decades of experience to limit our recommendations.  As with everything else we do, we evaluate the current needs of the client, then discuss the client’s projected needs in the near future (2-3 years), and make a decision based on the information at hand.  You may feel the need to purchase a high volume color laser printer, because you know you’ll need to print something in color sometime; but when you look at the big picture, a high volume black & white laser combined with a small color ink-jet may fill that need at a fraction of the cost.  Likewise, it might not even be worth purchasing your own printer.  For clients generating a large amount of printed material, sometimes it is better to lease a managed printer – a printer that is maintained and serviced through another vendor at pennies or fraction of pennies per page.  Whatever the case, ESI will review your company’s needs – today and tomorrow, and make a recommendation that will meet those needs in the most cost-effective manner.