Our roots began with NetWare 3, and believe it or not, there are still plenty of NetWare servers running out there.  Long before Microsoft’s Active Directory, Novell had NDS – a true directory for managing all aspects of a network.  While the last version of NetWare (6.5) shipped in 2003, we still get calls from businesses looking for qualified help with their NetWare servers – including 3.2, 4.11, 5 and 6 versions.  We see these servers as a testament to the rock solid stability of NetWare, and are always happy (and a little nostalgic) when we get the opportunity to work on one – especially when our competitors have forgotten about them.  We are qualified with all versions of NetWare since 3.2, and numerous other Novell offerings, including Groupwise (messaging and collaboration), ZENworks (systems management), and BoarderManager (security).