Network Storage


Many of our clients are discovering how fast large amounts of data can accumulate.  Maybe you keep digital photos of all of your work.  Perhaps you have some large databases that you need to keep around to access if  the need arises.  Do you maintain all of your project files and documentation for legal and/or warranty reasons?  Are you a manufacturer or architect with large sets of CAD/CAM drawings?  Most of our clients have older data that they need to maintain, but that data doesn’t need to be located on their production server’s fast, expensive hard disks.  They like to have this data available immediately if needed, without having to access backups.  However, most of our small and medium business clients can’t afford or simply don’t want to spend their hard earned money, on proprietary storage solutions.  Enter ESI’s Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.  Empire Systems can build a robust and reliable NAS platform that will meet your company’s needs today, while allowing plenty of room for expansion in the future.  This is another Linux solution that ESI has been utilizing internally for years, that has proven itself to be stable & reliable enough to offer our clients for use in production environments.  We have a number of these deployed for everything from storing months of CCTV video, enough archived CAD/CAM data to engineer a new city, to housing decades worth of data, and serving as repositories for Document Management Systems.  We build these systems using industry standard components – no vendor lock-in due to proprietary hardware or software.  This allows us to warranty them for up to 3 years, and insures hardware compatibility for expansion and growth.  Contact ESI today, and find out how we can deliver you an enterprise class storage solution, on a small business budget.