medicalThe medical industry has seen some considerable changes over the last decade.  Electronic billing, HIPPA, and EMR, have all contributed to increased IT requirements and costs.  No longer tools of convenience, your computers and data systems are a critical part of day to day operations – even in small offices.  Combine that with insurance companies that make securing payment as much fun as an IRS audit, and it’s no wonder why those in the medical profession are scrambling to save everywhere they can.  Empire Systems understands this all to well, and makes every effort to provide quality solutions and service to our clients in the medical sector, in cost-effective ways.  Our experience with secure data destruction, and our security centric approach to designing and deploying networks, will keep you on the right side of HIPPA.  We’ve been managing electronic billing of insurance companies with some of our clients in other sectors for over a decade, without fail.  And finally, our experience with practice specific note taking programs, and many of the EMR platforms, means that ESI can find a solution that works for your office, without sending you to the ER.  Contact us today, and let ESI take the sting out of managing your IT resources.