Line of Business

Specializing in the Small to Medium Enterprise market, ESI knows that our clients will most likely be running some version of Microsoft Office, as well as an accounting system such as QuickBooks or PeachTree.  Of course, every other IT service provider knows this, and is familiar with those applications as well.  However, we recognize that the majority of our clients will also be running some custom or niche application that is specific to their respective industry.  Our collision clients all run at least one estimating application, our construction clients have project management and special accounting systems, and our medical clients have patient databases, Electronic Medical Records, and usually practice area specific note taking applications.  This is where we break away from the pack of average IT providers – ESI always takes the time to learn our clients’ workflow and applications.  We’ll spend a day on-site (on our time), observing and learning exactly how your business puts it’s systems to work.  We feel it’s best to know exactly what our clients are asking for when they contact us, so we can correct the issue promptly – and the best way to accomplish this is by thoroughly understanding the processes and procedures in place at each client location.  Is it time consuming?  Yes, but so is trying to describe a problem to somebody that isn’t familiar with the system.  This is just another example of the methods we use to stay proactive in managing and supporting out clients.