legalMost legal professionals know that the ABA has determined calendar and deadline errors to account for the majority of malpractice claims, and recommends that firms acquire at least a minimal practice/case management solution.  LexisNexis, Abacus, Tab3, Amicus, and others offer many options – but which platform is right for your practice’s needs?  And what hardware do you really need to implement one of these solutions?  Empire Systems can not only help you answer these questions, we can implement these platforms to allow you and your staff access to them from anywhere there’s an Internet connection; all while making sure that your client’s privileged information stays secure.  Additionally, ESI’s experience with Document Management and our Network Attached Storage appliance, allows us to offer you the ability to move all your old case files from boxes in storage – to fully searchable, and instantly available, data in your office.  Contact us today to see how Empire Systems can help you practice more efficiently with the tools needed for a digital firm.