Integrated Services

Empire Systems’ core business has always been engineering, deploying, and supporting computer networks.  As voice and data have become more entwined, we’ve recognized this and adapted to meet our clients’ needs.  We have gone from handling networks and computers, to supporting all data and communication systems.  With the integration of these systems inside the client’s location, it only made sense to start seeking vendors that could do the same outside.  After all, the client wants a single point of contact for all of their voice/data needs, we just extend that out one more step to the provider.  Integrated Services has really become the sweet spot  for most Small to Medium Enterprises.  It provides the client with plenty of bandwidth for Internet use, and the flexibility on voice/fax lines that a growing business needs.  A digital circuit to the client location which delivers Internet and phone service that can be broken down into analog channels for an analog phone system, or plugged directly into a compatible digital system.  If your business requires heavy Internet use (e-mail, hosting your own website, transferring large files, etc) and you have more than 4 analog phone/fax lines, Integrated Services may be just what you need.  We’ve found that the cost of Integrated Services will usually be on par with, if not beat, similar service from your local phone company, right around the 1.5 megabit and 4 line mark.  Don’t settle for what the phone company offers just because they have the monopoly in town – contact us today, and ESI will work with multiple vendors to secure your company with the reliable and professional services your business needs.