How can FOSS help me?

Empire Systems is a firm believer in both the FOSS development model, as well as delivering our clients the best possible solution at a reasonable price.  For these reasons, we like to implement FOSS alternatives when they are available and meet the client’s needs.  Believe it or not, there are FOSS alternatives to most proprietary products available today.  Let’s take a look at a few of our most popular FOSS deployments:

  • SME Server – A Linux distribution that provides much of the same functionality as a Windows Small Business Server.  The systems includes file & print services, a web proxy, firewall, web & e-mail services (with virus and SPAM filtering), backup, automatic updates, remote access, and authentication.  It even looks like a Windows server on your network.
  • Openfiler –  An Open Source network storage appliance designed for easy administration and deployment into existing networks.  Openfiler supports integration with Active Directory (Windows Server/Domain Authentication), and numerous standard network file systems.  With Logical Volume Management and the XFS file system, solutions can be built to house 50+ terabytes.
  • GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a fantastic alternative to Adobe Photoshop for all but the most diehard graphics professionals.
  • LAMP – Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP is what is referred to as a stack.  Linux is the operating system that runs on the hardware, Apache is the world’s leading web server, MySQL is a light, but powerful database server, and PHP is an easy to use, server side, web scripting language.  There is also a stack for Windows machines, aptly named WAMP.  With one of these simple stacks, you can install and configure a host of freely available web based applications in minutes.

And now the part that gets everybody’s attention, the price.  Every single piece of software listed above has the exact same cost – free!  And while free is our, and probably your, favorite price, there are other benefits as well.  Because these projects are Open Source, their code is available for anyone to review.  Much like how doctors submit their work for peer review, Open Source projects have hundreds, maybe thousands, of eyes pouring over the code and submitting patches.  This insures that security vulnerabilities are corrected quickly, performance is constantly improved, and new features are continually added.  Contact us today for a free Site Survey, and we’ll evaluate your organization’s needs to see if there’s a FOSS solution to fill them.