educationFor smaller districts and private schools that do not maintain a full time IT Manager, Empire Systems can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from years of experience in the education sector.  From basic tasks such as setting up and maintaining an AR program, or insuring the security of student data systems such as SASI, to assisting your Ed Tech in the design, planning, acquisition, implementation, and management of new systems, ESI has the knowledge and skills to deliver capable and reliable solutions that are still cost-effective for cash-strapped educators.  Our partnership with Dell, and our extensive experience with Free/Open Source Software, allows us to provide options that other vendors may not recommend – whether due to a lack of knowledge, or commitments to commercial vendors.  Empire Systems always considers all possible solutions to our clients needs, including the education market.  Combine that with our telecom and CCTV services, and you have a single contact for all of your school’s IT needs.  Contact us today, and let ESI handle your IT needs, while you focus on making brighter students.