New Systems

A reliable and robust DVR is the very heart of your CCTV system.  Without one, you can have the fastest, highest resolution cameras available, and no place to store what they see.  A DVR that is capable of recording 8 channels of video, may not be up to the task of recording 12, or even just adding audio to 4 of those 8 channels.  Empire Systems believes that a DVR should support upgrade options that include adding channels at full resolution and speed, the ability to increase storage both internally & externally, and universal access from anywhere.  For these reasons, as well as their reliability, ESI builds and deploys DVR solutions powered by GeoVision PC based DVR cards and software.  Some highlights of a GeoVision based DVR system include:

  • Reliability – ESI has GeoVision DVRs that have been in service for over 5 years without issue.
  • Expandable – If you outgrow an 8 channel solution, we can simply add another card to increase capacity.  The GeoVision software also supports IP (network) based cameras.
  • Storage – Because the systems is built on industry standard hardware, we can add higher capacity hard drives as their costs come down, or your storage needs go up.  Additionally, if you require long term storage (3-12 months and longer), a GeoVision system can be configured to store its video on Empire System’s Network Attached Storage solution.
  • Access – Information, be it voice, data, or video, is only useful when you have access to it.  A GeoVision based system, on a properly configured network, can be configured to allow access from other devices on the local network, or remotely from anywhere there is Internet access.

Existing Systems

While we prefer to support systems we’ve designed and implemented with the knowledge that they’ve been done to our high standards, we understand that some of our clients will have existing systems.  We’re good with that too.  We’re happy that you’ve recognized the value and safety a CCTV system can provide your organization and we’re happy to assist in maintaining, upgrading, or expanding that system.  We have experience with industry heavyweights like Pelco and Honeywell, as well as some of the smaller manufacturers such as Lorex and Q-See.  If you’re looking to upgrade/replace/add cameras, interested in increasing available storage, replacing damage or worn out cable or power distribution units, give us a call –  Empire Systems is always ready to deliver great solutions, along with our outstanding service!