constructFrom small operations to large corporations, construction companies can face enormous hurdles with their data systems.  Keeping everybody on a project up to date with the latest information requires a system capable of delivering that information to foremen in the field, project managers that could be on site or behind a desk, and accounting personnel in the office.  And those accounting personnel have complex procedures to follow due to the nature of construction projects and billing.  Add to that the issues of certifying payroll if you’re performing public works projects, and your construction management and accounting software is as critical to your business as your heavy equipment.  ESI understands the flow of information in the construction industry, and is familiar with the major software vendors – including Foundation and Maxwell Systems.  We can insure that users that need access to informatio, have it at their fingertips, no matter where they are.  Additionally, our extensive experience with CCTV systems for site security can give you a single point of contact for all or your IT needs.  Contact us today, and we’ll show you how ESI can make your data systems as reliable and trustworthy as that CAT D9.