cctv_402x402Loss is a serious issue facing business owners today.  Whether you are experiencing losses due to internal causes such as Workers Comp Fraud or employee theft, or external causes such as vandalism and burglary, a CCTV system can help curb those losses.  Fraudulent Workers Comp claims and employee theft cost businesses millions each year.  Your losses might not be that high, but they are still a serious impact to your bottom line.  Vandalism and burglary account for the largest external threat of loss.  CCTV systems provide two levels of protection to loss.  First, they act as a deterrent, people are much less likely to commit fraud or another crime if they feel they are being watched.  Second, the documentation provided by CCTV can assist in the apprehension and prosecution of someone committing a crime against your business.  Empire Systems can assist in all phases of implementation of CCTV systems.