Empire Systems implements reliable CCTV systems utilizing quality components, including cameras from manufacturers such as: Sony, Samsung, GeoVision, and Apexis.  We don’t believe that there is a “one camera fits all” solution, and select each camera for its specific purpose, within a complete CCTV solution.  This means that while we may need to utilize a traditional HD Sony coax camera to cover the entrance to your business’s property, and capture identifiable license plates; we might choose a GeoVision IP dome camera to cover your reception area and lobby.  You can rest assured that whatever the objective is, ESI will deliver the best possible solution, taking into account factors including:

  • Location – Installation location can determine what type of cable can be used, the need for a weather-proof camera or a heated, fog-less housing, and accessibility for installation/service.
  • Target – Some cameras are made utilizing different sensor technologies, and each technology has its pros & cons.  In addition to the different technologies, there are different sized sensors.  ESI takes into consideration the target coverage area and identification goals when selecting a camera to meet the requirements or your organization.
  • Light – The available light in the target area is critical in selecting a camera that will be effective in capturing reliable video/images – even with “Day/Night” models.
  • Resolution – With some of the newer 2MP high resolution cameras, areas that used to require multiple cameras (up to 6 at times), can now be covered with a single camera.
  • Speed – Indoor areas are subject to slower foot traffic and smaller targets, while parking lots can be like a race track, with larger targets.  ESI will always select a camera that is fast enough to capture video and/or images that can be used to identify a person or vehicle should the need arise.

A few words about Lenses

While the camera does the work of capturing the video/images, it can’t actually see anything useful without the correct lens.  Just like a good pair of glasses with the correct prescription, the right lens will make sure the camera sees and records exactly the area required for your business.  Identical cameras, mounted in the same location, with different lenses, will produce 2 very different views.  Just like a regular personal camera, the field of view (the scene) can change drastically with focal length (essentially zoom).  Empire Systems always takes accurate measurements, to calculate the correct lens required at each camera location, to insure that our solutions provide the best video/image capture.  Feel free to contact us today, to evaluate your company’s needs and receive a Site Survey at no charge.